Tips to Overcome The Roof is Leaking

The house is a place where for us and family shelter, and of course we build a rumaha to avoid the heat of the sun and dinginya hujan.Pastinya all that you have in your mind when building a house. And now it has entered the weather is rainy season, and certainly will be very dangerous and makes us bothered if our roofs leak due to several factors, among which there were roof tiles broken, roofs long and also other factors that could have happened and to make roofs become leaky.

If this happens to us we certainly will be created will bother the matter. With leaking roofs will certainly be very disturbing break our will, and to the right step is to fix the leaking roof. But what would happen if we can not fix the roof leaked, there must be a husband or we can call on the workers to fix the roof.

atap rumaahh bocor

atap bocor

For those of you who might be looking for tips to fix a leaky roof, precisely because we have prepared for you all the tips. ulasanya follows below:

  • If a leak has occurred you attention in which position the leak and you can replace it with a new tile roof
  • You can clean the drains in the roof, certainly if the channel is not clean will be a lot of garbage that accumulate and make the waste becomes jammed later
  • Take note of the position of the tile is down or not, usually the tile to be down because of the movement of wind and also   cats that like to play above the tile
  • Checks on the roof of the house if there is no rift in the leaking of the roof.
  • If there is a leak you can melaipisi roof with a leak-proof coating paint like aquaproof and the like.

That is what we can share with you all about How To Overcome The roof House To Not Leaking, hopefully what we say can provide benefits to all of you.

Goodbye and thank you.

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