Private Small Mosque Design in Minimalist Home

Every Muslims certainly should run daily prayers be preoccupied and in a clean state at every prayer. In the home actually have to their places of worship means that even a small mosque, because its use only for our families or guests who come and stay for the prayers. And you do not need to create a large mosque that size for your home, even if your house minimalist size. Now this is a lot of minimalist home featuring an elegant shape and very beautiful to the view.

Many design of the mosque form that you can make a house of worship that make your family in prayers so that the exact time and place of prayer was to be comfortable and cool when we’re running the daily prayers. And in the mosque had to be additional like prayer rugs, al-Quran, prayer mats and a place to store gloves mukena even though. As a complement you also can add other things that you think will be more beautiful.

Personal mosque designs in the house minimalist

model of a mosque in a minimalist home

mosque in minimalist home

With the mosque that is in the house of your home definitely would be more cool and more complete in conducting worship with your family later. And to make the mosque for his design itself much can you make as a reference for what is right and proper, and everything to fit you can membicarakanya with your partner in advance, or with your parents sekalipun.Dalam a house is rarely the form of a separate mosque, prayers in most places we were united in a room or other place. But it would be nice if we did worship to be more solemn and earnest need for a separate room in the house that mosque.

Personal mosque designs in the house

private mosques in minimalist home

You can make an example for prayer that you will make later on what, see our references below:

From the example above you can mosque forms put mushola separately from other rooms or in connect with other home corner. And with the mosque in the house can also make a means to educate your children in the worship of gods, such as learning to pray, to learn the Koran and many others. Quite beautiful to look at our house when the mosque, and can also make reference to the guests who may see and passengers want to make a prayer in the mosque also houses later.

Hopefully, what we say about the shape of the mosque in a minimalist house could make a reference for you and your family. Hope can make it useful and it also makes our worship to Allah SWT has been deepened and able to become an expert Heaven at the end of life in the future.

Bye and Thank you.

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