How to Make Unique Decorative Lights Of Thrift

Minimalist fence more visible you look gorgeous and luxurious impression, and you can take advantage of all the material that you do not need to buy at a great price, and you can take advantage of second-hand goods. Here we will give you tips to make ornaments such as lanterns lamps for the living room, for a light sleeper and others. In making the decoration lights pelru you do not need a long time, and it is quite easy for you to do while relaxing though. The following will give way in making light decoration, for the ulasanya see below.

Ways to Creating Decorative lamps made from yarn
For decoration lights made from these yarns usually we often see in pairs on the porch light of the house, in addition to its unique shape and cool to make it very easy, following the material that is required to make ornate lamp with threads, see ulasanya below :

unique chandelier for a minimalist home

how to create a unique chandelier

models unique chandelier

  • Yarn Cup
  • Balloons
  • beverage former jar
  • Glue

The steps are as follows:

  1. Blow out the balloon for football
  2. and then enter the threads on jar and mix with glue powder existing,
  3. previously mixed water
  4. Put a balloon wearing a cup beverage If the balloon is almost all meetings with thread
  5. and wait a moment until completely dry and after that you can mencopt balloon by piercing
  6. and decoration of the thread you live input padaa porch light.

Ways to Creating Decorative Lighting with wrapping paper, In making ornate lamp with wrapping paper we could  later in the bedroom, and for how are as follows:

Material :

  • Blade
  • Glue
  • wrapping paper
  • Toples

unique chandelier from the bottle

unique chandelier
The steps are as follows:

  1. Prepare wrapping paper that is patterned like a star motif holes in the shape of stars by using a razor
  2. blade after all already in the holes you can  in jars that have been in the holes and decoration of wrapping paper that you might use in your room.
  3. Ways to Creating Decorative Lighting From Bottles Used
    In making decorative lights using bottles that shaped pineapple pieces are unique and very funny.


and in  requires considerable time and complex if and thorough, and to the direct course we provide the following way:

Material :

  • Spoon 1500ml bottle of mineral
  • former Pylox
  • glue
  • Paper polio (green)


  1. Cut the first bottles of mineral into two
  2. Cut the plastic spoon as above
  3. Give yellow on the spoon with pylox Paste spoon dried on the circumference of the bottle with glue until blended to form the leaves
  4. you can use green color paper already in use , Attach the leaves on top of pineapple and decorative lights of the bottle can be used

That is some kind of lights that you can make yourself at home, hopefully to inspire you all. Goodbye and thank you.

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