How to Make a Wall Decoration With Paper Material

In order for the house we live in a minimalist form increasingly look beautiful and luxurious, a lot of things we can do innovation and creativity to your home, both for interior or exterior decoration. This time we will discuss tentan design for the interior of your home, many things can you kreasikan like put a picture on the wall, put the painting, and there are many interesting things that can be to your creations. In today’s minimalist design is highly favored by our society, and as the creator of art of course you want to make a decoration on the wall with the work of your own hands, and of course you will feel satisfied as a decoration for the walls of your own sweet hands.

Many things that we can make our reference and use of existing goods such as paper, absolutely right this time we will give you the tips to make wall hangings made of paper, and you may never see the wall decoration in your friend’s house or your brother? or maybe you melhatnya in the sales? but this time you can make with your own hands, danbagi you who have never made it and want to be creative with your own hands in making decorative paper, see the following way properly:

how to create wall hangings

cute wall hangings

examples of paper wall hangings
With Motif leaves on walls:

Necessary materials :

Green Pylox

paper wall hangings

minimalist wall hangings

Here’s how:

Make a pattern that many are much on cardboard with a length of 10cm and a width of 3 cm, and then cut one by one pattern neatly, and when done everything you can attach the tip of paper with glue and if it has a lot of patterns are collected you can mengumpulkanya and pylox color with green color and if it is dry you can menempelkanya on the wall of your house and fix it.

By Making Origami Shirt Wall

Necessary materials :

Rectangular paper

Here’s how:

Fold the paper in two, and rapihkn in order to form a pattern, then we lipatkan folded back before, feedback and folding her to the top with a small portion of the paper. and folding in the tenganya order to become the new lines and the effect on the top with the corner at the bottom and with a new pattern and turned back to form into the collar. And the final way of folding the sides in order to form a sleeve.

It’s easy not to mebuat tapestry made from inexpensive as paper above, and the results are not inferior to the artificial ornaments in the market for sure, and you will feel happy with the creative hands of your own and would be wonderful for you to test plug in dindind, and even your can make other decoration with references from family, friends or other relatives.

Hopefully what we convey to you can provide benefits and examples in minimalist interior design.

Goodbye and thank you.

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