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Private Small Mosque Design in Minimalist Home

Personal mosque designs in the house minimalist

Every Muslims certainly should run daily prayers be preoccupied and in a clean state at every prayer. In the home actually have to their places of worship means that even a small mosque, because its use only for our...

Uniq Pictures Wall Decoration For The living Room Modern Minimalist

modern living room wall hangings uniqe

In making the design of the house so many in fact that could be to our ornamental own , of course it was all done in order to make our home comfortable to live in, cool and like we...

Ceiling Paint Color For Minimalist Home

ceiling paint minimalis home

Now it’s minimalist home is becoming a trend in Indonesia, many who dream of going to the palace were minimalist but nuance itself as a luxurious and stately homes to be occupied. Usually for the type of minimalist house...